"To exceed our client and community expectations through professionalism in a manner that impacts society and the environment in a positive manner."


MSW Consulting



Saunders and Wium was established in East London in June 1966. In 1983 a branch office was opened in Pietermaritzburg, where the name became synonymous with high quality civil engineering, particularly in the roads and water, and structural fields.

Mbona Saunders and Wium (Pty) Ltd t/a MSW Consulting was established in February 2006, as the engineering team in Pietermaritzburg saw an opportunity for growth and diversification.

MSW Consulting now offers a diverse range of professional services to private and public enterprises throughout the African continent, and our expertise now include the important function of social facilitation (ISD).


“To exceed our client and community expectations through professionalism in a manner that impacts society and the environment in a positive manner.”


With the growth of the company over the past 8 years additional technical and administrative staff has been employed, who have been selected from the previously disadvantaged sector.

In addition to the permanent employees we maintain an ongoingabout-2 programme of Experiential Training for previously disadvantaged Civil Engineering students.

Since 2007 MSW Consulting has undertaken a commitment to the Singakwenza Ndawonye Student Training Scheme, developed by the Durban University of Technology (DUT). To date we have trained and mentored 14 students, all from historically disadvantaged communities. Four of these students are now permanent employees, whom we are funding for their Bachelors Degrees .

The Directors and employees of MSW Consulting (Pty) Ltd have a long association with various District and Local Municipalities, as well as the Department of Works, Umgeni Water, Rand Water Services, Department of Water Affairs and the Department of Transport.

We have associations with a wide range of specialist consultants in the structural, roads, geotechnical, environmental, water and waste water process design, water loss reduction, Eddie current and thermal scanning fields of engineering.

We believe that, as a company, MSW Consulting is able to provide a level of service to the client where it is capable of designing, managing and implementing projects at any stage of the project cycle, bringing them to completion within budget and time. Furthermore, the projects are implemented in conjunction with a community involvement methodology, ensuring that projects are implemented holistically – socially, technically and financially.
We believe that this holistic philosophy, coupled with the unique dynamics of our interactive and professional office environment; provides the client intrinsic value that far exceeds the professional engineering service.


Engineering is not just about technical jargon, and the bottom line. We love the industry, as at the end of each project, we can see the tangible results of our hard work.

Our engineering and design principles are founded on the knowledge that we are part of a greater community, and must always act in the best interests of the larger community. Our strong emphasis on Institutional social development, community training and environmental engineering helps to ensure poverty alleviation and human development through responsible engineering.

Recent social and community development initiatives include, inter alia

  • On the verge—An initiative to help clean up Pietermaitzburg. social-responsibilityOriginally set-up in 2010, on the verge of the 2010 World Cup, we wanted individuals and businesses to take pride in their work place and surrounds.
  • KwaSizabantu Mission—MSW Consulting provide financial back-up and construction supervision for the upgrade and repair to an existing church and living quarters in the poverty stricken Maphumulo district, on behalf of the Ilembe District Municipality.
  • Sizwe Ngwavuma Educational Trust — MSW Consulting funded the building of sports facilities for this deprived community based in northern KZN, for the Crossways Church Mission.
  • MSW recycles all our paper waste, the funds from which support a local crèche and the SPCA.
  • Prior to the 2010 Soccer World Cup to ensure that children in the Tugela valley could partake in the build-up MSW sponsored soccer balls.
  • MSW Consulting supports numerous social welfare initiatives and NGO’s and made a substantial financial contribution to support the 1000 Hills Community Centre in rural KZN.


Besides the Singakwenza Ndawonye Student Training Scheme which has already assisted more than 14 students through their in-service training, MSW Consulting is also involved in a scholarship program with a local high school, to promote youth development in maths and science, with a view to mentoring continuity of skills in the engineering industries.

MSW has also played a mentorship role in the development of various emerging consulting firms e.g Duyaze Consulting, Ubuku Consulting.