"To exceed our client and community expectations through professionalism in a manner that impacts society and the environment in a positive manner."


MSW Consulting

Don Hodgkinson

Managing Director

Don had more than 20 years experience with Umgeni Water, a leading water utility in South Africa, the last 5 years as Engineering Manager where he was responsible for the implementation of the Umgeni Water CAPEX budget which peaked at an amount of R400m /annum. He has experience in a wide field including the design and operation of:
Water treatment facilities (250 Ml/d Midmar Waterworks; 205 Ml/d Nsezi Waterworks upgrade)
Sludge dewatering systems (Decanter centrifuges, tubular filter press and CRSDS)
Design of large diameter (1600DN) high pressure (40 bar) pipelines including diversion of siphons.
Infrastructure assessment and water loss analyses in South Africa, Nigeria and Mozambique.
Infrastructure rehabilitation including concrete pipelines ~ 2900DN and pre-stressed concrete pipelines ~ 1900DN.

Dennis Mbona


Dennis is a respected Project management and ISD consultant who ran a successful consultancy practice before joining forces with MSW Consulting to provide a unique ISD/Engineering service to the community. Mr Mbona has a Bachelors degree in Social Science and his portfolio includes Managing the Social Facilitation and Marketing functions.

Frans Klopper


Frans was employed by the Natal Provincial Administration, as trainee civil technician from 1979 and eventually terminated his employment in 1997 as Regional Engineer for Edendale near Pietermaritzburg. During this period he was responsible for all municipal services, including roads, stormwater & sewer. He then started a civil consultancy practice which he operated successfully, before becoming a founder member of MSW Consulting.

Justin Hemming


Justin is a professional engineering technologist who completed 9 years with the Department of Transport in the roads construction sector. At age 23 Justin was promoted to Chief Technician, where he managed the Port Shepstone Roads Construction Unit. He spent a further 3 years with consulting engineering firms managing a variety of roads and civil contracts. In 2002 he joined Saunders and Wium, where he has designed and project managed numerous water engineering projects.

Craig Mitchell


Craig graduated Cum Laude with a Bachelors Degree in Technology from D.I.T. in 2004. He was employed previously at KV3 Engineers where he obtained invaluable experience in a variety of Civil Engineering projects. In 2008 Craig joined Mbona Saunders and Wium, where he has designed and managed various water projects specializing in hydraulic modeling and transient analysis.

Geoff Mitchell


Geoff is a civil engineering technician (Natal Technicon, Durban campus). Before joining MSW in 2007 he held the following posts;Technician at the Natal Roads Department (1975-1981), Promoted to Chief Technician of the Drakensberg Administrative Board (1981-1987) and then at the Natal Provincial Administration (1987-1993), Control Technician at the Development service Board (1993-2007). Geoff has a firm grasp of the Zulu Language which aids him greatly in his position of Site Engineer.

Sandra Govender


Sandra is our financial and administrative manager. Sandra has been involved in the Civil Engineering industry for 8 years, is well versed in the industries practices, in Pastel systems and tax management. Sandra is also managing the companies Quality Management system, for ISO 9001:2008 compliance.

Claude Semple


Claude Semple is a professional engineering technologist (Cum Laude) who completed 6 years with BVI Consulting, 6 years with ILISO Consulting Engineers, and a further 2.5 years as a freelance consultant managing a variety of civil contracts. In 2010 he joined Mbona Saunders and Wium, where he has project managed numerous Civil engineering projects.

Justin Hodgkinson


Justin graduated with a Bachelors of Engineering from the University of Stellenbosch in 2011. His love for the water industry was kindled by his father and MD of MSW Consulting, Don Hodgkinson. He joined MSW soon after graduating, where he has gained experience in both water and wastewater treatment plants. Justin has experience in plant design, Green and Blue Drop audits, rehabilitation of existing plants, development of piping and instrumentation diagrams, development of functional design specifications, operational monitoring, plant optimization, and contract administration.

Pierre Vivier


Pierre obtained his Bachelors of Engineering from the University of Pretoria in 2012 and won the SAISC steel design prize. He was employed by SMEC in 2013 and started his career with the structural department where he designed various structures with an emphasis on bridge design. Pierre continued with post graduate studies in a part time capacity and obtained his Honours in Structural Engineering from the University of Pretoria in 2015. In 2016 he joined MSW Consulting where he continued to gain experience in structures, with an emphasis on water retaining structures, and carried out structural investigations and consultation for an assortment of concrete and steel structures and elements.