"To exceed our client and community expectations through professionalism in a manner that impacts society and the environment in a positive manner."

Fields of Expertise

MSW Consulting

MSW Consulting’s principle focus is in the fields of bulk water transfer, treatment, storage and distribution (including primary, secondary and tertiary (reticulation) levels), water conservation and demand management and infrastructure rehabilitation, and the institutional social development aspect of these projects.

Bulk Water Conveyance

We have experience with all commonly used pipe materials including µPVC, HDPE, ductile iron and continuously welded steel ranging in diameter from 50DN to 1900DN at operating pressures up to 4000kPa. We have specialist knowledge of steel pipe coating and lining materials for raw and potable water applications and have a sound working knowledge of corrosion mitigation measures including sacrificial anode and impressed current cathodic protection systems.

We have designed fully automated raw and potable water pumping stations with installed capacities up to 2520 kW with pumps equipped with variable speed drives (VSD’s) all managed by SCADA.

Water Treatment

Our experience in water treatment ranges from small plants (< Ml/d) to large regional water treatment plants up to 205 Ml/d.

We have extensive experience with various unit processes including clari-flocculators, pulsator sludge blanket type clarifiers, Dortmund clarifiers, dissolved air flotation (DAF) systems, gravity and pressure filtration systems and gravity sludge thickeners and mechanical dewatering systems.

Depending upon client requirements, we are able to offer manual plants with limited levels of automation to fully automated plants operated using SCADA systems.

System Rehabilitation

MSW Consulting was appointed by the Department of Water Affairs (DWA) to develop a rehabilitation strategy for their Gamtoos Government Water System. The system has a capacity of 7.5 cumec and traverses a route of some 64 kms from Kouga Dam to Loerie Dam in the Gamtoos Valley in the Eastern Cape. The system includes canals, 22 siphons (concrete and pre-stressed concrete) and 4 tunnels and covered canals. It is used primarily for irrigation of citrus produce for the export market and also provides some 30% of the raw water demand of the Nelson Mandela Municipality.

An extensive risk analysis was carried out with a view to identifying the high risk elements of the system. Thermal imagery and eddy current scanning of pre-stressed concrete siphons were utilized to determine the integrity of system elements.

Following the development of the rehabilitation strategy, MSW Consulting was appointed to implement Phases 1 & 2 of the rehabilitation works valued at some R200m. It is estimated that the value engineering risk assessment reduced capital expenditure by some R800m.

Water Control And Demand Management (WCDM)

MSW Consulting has successfully implemented several WCDM projects within South Africa including:

Ixopo (Sisonke DM), Burgersdorp (Joe Gqabi District Municipality), Ladysmith (Uthukela District Municpality): On-going

Our approach is to use a carefully tailored combination of the proven analytical BABE (Burst And Background Evaluation) system coupled with a “Find and Fix” approach in order to achieve a rapid yet systematic solution. Where appropriate, we seek means of improving revenue collection as well as reducing physical water losses.

Dysfunctional systems have been rapidly transformed to systems with acceptable water losses.

Broader Civil Engineering Environment

Whilst as a company we have specialized in the field of Water Engineering, our skilled Engineers have a wealth of experience in the broader Civil Engineering Environment; including the Roads, Waste Water and Structural Design sectors.